Squire Central
Digital Concierge
Operations Suite

Improve your guest experience while
empowering your team to achieve more

Let Oli handle common requests

Oli can understand human language and handle common asks from your guests

FAQs about your business, its services and more can be answered by Oli

Guest requests are automatically processed and routed to the right person

Gather Guest Insights

Interactions between your guests and Oli are a window on key insights such as

Direct guest feedback
on every level of service

Frequently asked services, items
and questions

Personal preferences,
language, mood and more

Predict and monetize
on new customer trends

Upgrade your Communications

Connect with your guests at the time, channel and language they prefer

Your hotel can be reached through any voice or text service

Let your guests speak to you in their own language

Operations Suite

Visualize and orchestrate your entire
operations from a unified solution

  • Request Management

    Create, assign and monitor requests
    throughout their life-cycle

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Discover insights about how your
    business is performing

  • Team Communications

    The Message Board allows your managers to
    leave important notes across shifts

  • Guest to Operator Conversations

    Your operator can seamlessly pickup
    and hand off conversations from Oli

Are you ready to offer the next level in guest experience?